About US

NUBCO was founded in 2014 to offer biological products that positively impacted the life style of human and ecosystem overall, versus just chemical products that were technically excellent, but not have offered on the key life style objectives. We achieve this through a structured strategy that maps the biology and biosafety impact on every aspect of human's life style being developed.  

The core team at NUBCO were tenured experts who were involved in lab scale projects starting from 1998. Currently, we are a company dedicated to produce and provide high quality, beneficial and eco-friendly products. At NUBCO, we believe there is a better way to produce healthy products. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are healthy rather than worried. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. We focus on search product optimization.

Here are some of these products:       


Ashwagandha plant (Withania somniferous L.)

Yeast screening 

Black Garlic production

Fiber-sugar cube 

Tobacco cell cigarette

Dates palm

Venom scorpion

The NUBCO company provides these products with the lowest price and highest quality.


We dream at in the world when the largest everyone manufactures in the biology products. Also, our mission is that we earn 20 million dollars every year through sell biology products for example Bio-fertilizer, Ashwagandha plant, Yeast screening, Black Garlic production, Fiber-sugar cube, Tobacco cell cigarette, Dates palm, Venom scorpion.